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The Journeys for the Climate is a free course that trains multipliers of knowledge about the environment and climate change.

The course is open to anyone interested in environmental issues and offers several class options to enable the population to participate.

The Journeys for the Climate course is open for registration until the 20/05th for its next six classes. An initiative of The Climate Reality Project Brazil and the Centro Brasil no Clima (CBC), Jornadas pelo Clima aims to provide training on climate change in an accessible language for anyone interested in understanding and talking about the subject. The course is free and there are several options for timetable and start of classes. Registration can be made at this link:

For Renata Moraes, regional coordinator of the Climate Reality Project in Brazil and consultant to the CBC, stimulating reflection and providing the population with knowledge about environmental issues is a fundamental initiative in the current climate emergency scenario. “The proposal is to make participants multipliers of knowledge about climate change and the environment. Jornadas pelo Clima creates a network of people capable of sharing knowledge with their community, friends and even with new students, since many become facilitators of the following classes”, explains Renata Moraes. At the end of the learning paths, participants design and implement a micro-project that must respond to the needs of the community in which they live, their families or surroundings.

The course involves asynchronous classes, with reading and research proposals, and synchronous classes for group discussions. Along the learning path, students have contact with the guardians of the Journey, who are people who have already participated in other classes, and have a learning partner who helps in the execution of each of the five modules of the course. The methodology of Journeys for the Climate won certification from Fundação Banco do Brasil as Social Technology in 2021 and in the last two years it has already certified almost 500 participants.

Journeys for the Climate
Date: Classes starting on May 19th, June 05th, 06th, 07th, 08th and 10th.
Hours: Hours vary depending on the class chosen.
Target Audience: Anyone interested in understanding and talking about the environment and
climate changes