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Influencing public policies is one of CBC’s most characteristic action strategies. We work articulating with high-level political figures in order to promote sustainable development and tackle the climate emergency. In addition, we favor the creation of new policies, supporting climate governance at the local level, encouraging the creation of State Forums on Climate Change or generating quality data and information. CBC seeks to support subnational governments and promote their role in curbing the climate crisis.

Through effective Paradiplomacy work, we establish and maintain partnerships and concrete channels of dialogue and action with the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We also engage in interactions with some of the most important international entities. All of this to allow concrete advances in the climate agenda at the national and international level.

Governors for Climate

The Governors for Climate coalition is the major part of this program. The alliance engages 25 state governments in favor of maintaining Brazil in the Paris Agreement and has already unfolded the creation of the Brasil Verde Consortium. During the 2022 elections, the Governors for Climate provided qualified information and essential recommendations to all candidates running for the state executive office in all 26 states plus the federal district.

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