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This program’s strong point is mobilization and training actions in order to train climate leaders in various sectors and segments. The Climate Reality Project Brazil is the Decarbonizers program flagship. It also includes training and capacity building directed to different groups: Journalists in Climate, Senators for Climate and Women for Climate.

Climate Reality Project Brazil
The Climate Reality Project is a global organization founded in 2006 by Nobel Prize winner and former US Vice-President, Al Gore. The NGO transforms interested individuals into activists capable of fighting for solutions for the climate crisis and promoting change and significant contributions on the subject across the planet. The Climate Reality Project’s network comprises more than 20,000 Climate Reality Leaders in more than 150 countries. In Brazil, the Climate Reality Project has been represented by Centro Brasil no Clima since 2016 and trained thousands of Climate Reality Leaders.

Journey for the Climate
Created in 2020 by the Climate Reality Project Brazil team, Journey for Climate is a playful learning method that takes science-based climate education to everyone. It creates a learning space and fosters the development of socio-emotional skills through game tools and cultural elements. The methodology was certified as Social Technology by Fundação Banco do Brasil, being one of the 2021 finalists of the Award granted by the institution.

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