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“It is clear that the climate crisis can only be tackled at the right level when less-carbon (the reduction of emissions and the sequestration of greenhouse gases) is recognized as a convertible economic value,” reveals CBC Executive Director Alfredo Sirkis in his latest article.

Launched into society after a proposal by Brazil in an articulation of paragraph 108 of the Paris Division by Sirkis and Everton Lucero, the climate cryptocurrency aims at positive pricing of ‘less-carbon’. In his text, the CBC’s executive director expresses the reasons that resulted in the stalling in the development of the climate currency by the World Bank.

Sirkis critically analyzes the thousands of cryptocurrencies – especially Bitcoin – mentioning their artificiality and the environmental damage they cause the planet, since block chain computing entails immense energy expenditure. For him, a cryptocurrency backed simply by minus-carbon, for which they already fill technical certification mechanisms, is “a weapon whose potential can no longer be overlooked.”

The article, entitled ‘Carbon minus converted into climate cryptocurrency,’ is available on the website at CBC. Sign in!